Thursday, June 2, 2011


For the past 15 years I have been meeting different types of people and different nationalities too. However I noticed in those past years a lot of strikes have been hitting me and when I say strikes I mean losing trust in people, finding out that you were used for a while( friends with benefits), backstabber's... thats what I call it, " STRIKES". Anyways, so talking about those past years, I have changed a lot especially in my level of sensitivity and  became more stronger and relay on myself more often that I use too before.

Now, what I hated the most in those past years is the crap I heard from people I thought they were a gift from God, like "aww....ur so sweet", "my bff " (and they dont even know how to use it -.-), "ur soo kind" ( let me use you more) and alot of CRAP. I really till now dont have a clue about what happens suddenly that makes them change, treat us like shit and even the worse thing is that they involve you in their life and let you meet their other friends and invite you to their house but in the end its like someone brainwashed them. 

You know this feeling when you meet just a normal person and you tell yourself, omg this is the friend I was looking for so you start feeling comfortable and tell them about ur past relations with ur friends and they start sweet talking to you or lets say "fake" sweet talking to you and I will always be there bla bla bla :), later on they bring your past that u were talking to them about to your present and it keeps getting worse. If they are facing problems with their other friends, they tend to come to you because you are the one who is available and will just accept helping them bcoze you are too kind and after they fix their issue they throw you in the nearest garbage.

I'm not blogging about this to make whoever reads this feel sorry or like this is life, ofcourse we all know that it's life and its normal for such things to happen but aren't people sick of using us or being freakn fake?don't they ever get bored or it just runs in their blood?. It's really sad when you give your trust to that person and ur always their for them but they just never get it, they tend to show us the b**** side and they think we will be afraid to lose them because they are the ones who are controlling ur or as they always say " who leaves me will always come back", like.... Are you on drugs honey? O_O.  

Lets wrap this thing by saying my total strikes till now are 5 :) and I mean UGLY strikes so yeah and one little tiny info, I don't feel comfortable using the word bff anymore, because thx to God I have more than one in my life after what I have been through so I just call them "Beautiful people" and till now I keep meeting more and more who will always sense that there is something wrong with me and they will always succed in cheering me up and cracking the hell out of me :P.

Peace :) 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't have an introduction for this post so i'll just start..

The last two weeks have been the best ones ever,met awesome people,great opportunities, great atmosphere and even did really good in my mid-terms :P but anyways the reason behind the name of the post is that i realized  how you can change 180 degrees without even noticing specially toward the people you lost their friendship or even yourself to a better person. Like two days ago i had a girl talk with my friend about an ex-girlfriend for almost 2 years but we had a fight and now everyone of us is on her own but what i was really surprised from is that this girl was checking on me from my friend I had a talk with... so all i said was " I'm impressed " and the funny thing is that i have been thinking of her between time to time and all the good and bad days we had with each other but this is life we have fights, we get into shit but we move on, so I told her just let her know im checking on her too.

Second and last change that happened this week is that I met a guy which is soooo amazing he gave me like a wake up call from a certain issues i was having in my life and i barley know this guy i really don't know him that much but he's soo sweet and you would just love to sit and talk to him the whole day. He's caring, sweet and adorable and all i can say to him right know if hes reading this is Thank you soo much for what you did and for waking me up :).

Sometimes u should look around and thank God for sending you or like blessing you with amazing people in your life that will change ur entire life 180 degrees and i mean it, even people you use to hate or dislike you might end up forgetting what they did to you just because you care and its life. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

True facts about parents

Okay , seriously before I start talking about this post I highly respect my parents to the infinity but , they sometimes piss the hell out of me or you :p. So lets start ,

True facts about parents ;
  • If you break something ur in deep trouble but if it was them they act  cool and calm...other words "angles" 
  •  The more you grow older the more they yell more :S and the more they remind you of ur age and you need to act like a mature as if you don't know .
  • They love to make a huge drama out of really tiny issues 
  • This argument early thing in the morning where you are having ur breakfast and then suddenly they fight and then they involve this innocent person with them ( which is whoever is reading this blog ) :P
  • When it comes to future decision esp choosing what you will like to be majoring in for them its whether an engineer or a doctor -_-
  • As a 21 years old that drives , and one day i scratch the car... later you go tell your parents " mom dad i scratched my car" the house starts shaking (yelling process) but let them scratch the car and all they will be having is a straight face and saying ohh hamdalllah nothing serious happened to me or the car 
  • Lunch time , you dont feel like eating and there is nothing wrong with that so ur parents come and they will go like this " why aren't you eating " so Ill go like this " im not hungry mom and dad, thx ".. Now this is a serious issue to them , i swear im not kidding they will change the subject to the money they pay to make this food and why did i change , i dont have lunch that much and im gonna faint soon.
  • When you are in a bad mood , they don't just leave you alone or lets say they don't understand  that ur not in ur perfect condition.. so they start complaining on your pout face and why are you soo pissed or not talking and when you start talking they say grow up this is non sense.
  • Giving you a lecture or advising you , this is my favorite one out of them all coze what happens is that they start yelling and this yelling process is full of advices and tips for life which they think u are actually focusing and gonna interact and say "yes" , "no" or even "sorry" but not really. How on Earth do you expect me to take your advices when you are shouting.. HOW??!! 
I donno what made me write about parents but its just really sad and annoying when they don't understand you. I mean lets take me as an example ; my parents haven't yelled or argued with me for a really really long time since i started uni so what happens is when they start yelling and keep repeating the same words in their argument with you it just kills me and makes me mad coze  I think the more we grow older the more  we become sensitive with this stuff. Also when it comes in taking decisions , you know what's good for you or lets say you know you will be fine in a certain major u choose but to them nope , choose what they want not what you want.

Im not a person that handles yelling or shouting at all ,it annoys me a lot and makes me talk in an unpleasant way , I mean come on put urself in my shoes if your parents are infront of you and yelling and yelling and yelling wont you get upset from the loud voice and be like " why are you yelling ?". They think by yelling you solve problems but wallah its the opposite. PEACE

Ps: stay tuned for more oddness and weirdness xD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The odds and weird things I have been facing this year are unbelievable specially at uni , Seriously !. I actually wanted to write and share  it today because I went through a lot today.. so here how it started :)

Apparently as a Mass communication student  , being open minded or like showing the real you not the wanna be one is something wrong ...I donno plz correct me if im wrong but anyway , as you all know that whoever wants to join the media world or wants to be majoring in mass communication should think outside the bubble a bit or lets say be open minded as i mentioned before . 
Since this  fall semester has started I have been facing a lot of discrimination and kinda like attacks from people who dont accept the fact that Im a bit westernized because of the interaction or dealing with foreigners  most of my life and adding to this the discrimination part where i have been facing in most of the courses I'm taking like lets say ur having a math class and then you start answering or speak in english most of the students turn around and start giving me this weird look from up till down as if they are scanning you then they look front and start gossiping about you and you can actually hear your name!!!!. 

For the first time in my life and Im not making this thing up but I swear for the first time I actually feel discriminated or lets say this year racism has taken over :). So I really have nothing more to say but I really wish that people would accept the fact that if we dont come from the same country , that doesn't  mean Im a weirdo or even  westrenized is not like copy pasting the west it sometimes depends on where did you educate in terms of school or people that you communicate with.. Im that type of person who most of the time talks in English rather than Arabic its not like I'm showing off.... NOT AT ALL but its better for me to express my self and I feel more comfortable that also doesn't mean that I don't know  how to speak Arabic i do speak Arabic and Im proud of being an Arab hamdallah :) but still, Im pretty sure some of you will still be against me after reading this and it's something that s really pissing me off and makes me feel like a stranger.

Ps: Stay tuned for more oddness and weirdness :P